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SOLUTIONS for Education & Traning

Education with impact.

Concept & Design
Seminars, Workshops & Trainings

Development of individual further education offers

Development of new models and methods for practice

Planning, organization and implementation of seminar programs

All our services are offered under the VANTISGO brand as well as Whitelable solutions,
we will then act exclusively under your brand.

SOLUTIONS for Consulting & Coaching

Smart ways for effective change

Concept, design and accompaniment of change processes

Development of analytic tools for individuals, teams and cultures

Development of effective measures for targeted change

Structured development of organizations and executives

We also offer all our services, e.g. for consulting firms as Whitelable solutions.
We will then act exclusively under your brand.

About us

What makes us special

Our passion is to support people in their development. In the complex world in which we live, personal development and constant learning are becoming more and more important.

Our passion is to create optimal environments in which training can take effect. Our customers are companies, associations and associations and other organizations that want to offer professional training for their employees, members and partners.

We offer - from a seminar to the successive curriculum with certification process - for each objective optimized and adapted solutions.

We supplement traditional seminars and trainings as desired by various didactic tools that optimize learning, such as transfer workshops, microsessions, coaching concepts and more.

Our continuing education concepts are based on the latest scientific findings, the content as well as the preparation based on the latest neuroscientific findings on learning and development processes.

We work as a virtual, dynamic and decentralized team. We bring the best experts together to create the best solutions for you.


What we do.

We often work as whitelable providers, so they are completely under the brand of our customers. Some of our clients announce our collaboration, others prefer to only use their own brand to help participants identify with the measures.

Accordingly, we do not publicly disclose references, in a personal conversation you will discover that you already know the brands of our customers and with a great likelihood have already been or are already customers for several.

Our core team has worked on almost every continent (well, we are still looking for a mandate in Antarctica, maybe you have a tip?). Currently, our offers and formats are available to more than one third of a million at our clients, members and partners.

Always in focus: The value and benefit (VANTIS from Old English for gain, benefit) that we should start to create (GO for English: Go!). That's VANTISGO.


Get in touch.

You would like to offer a professional seminar or educational program for your members or employees and are looking for the right service provider? They have found something!

Are you one of the top coaches in your field? Have you developed a new methodology that you would like to mark?

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